Altınok Galvanokimya

Was established by Savaş Altınok in 1995. Savaş Altınok who became Chemical Engineer in 1968 started his service in electroplating field in 1973 and during these years got his experience in a plating jobshop, marketing and servicing electroplating chemicals of a very famous electroplating chemicals supplier.

For over 24 years, Altınok Galvanokimya provides 100% customer satisfaction and quality product perception and worked deeply in NICKEL, GOLD, SILVER and COPPER plating areas. It provides service to plating industry such as construction, jewellery, textile auxiliary articles, gun industry etc..

Altınok Galvonokimya, which will gain necessary quality certificate in a short while, is proud of providing high quality product and service to sector with its expert staff.