AP 4144 is a liquid inhibitor which prevents oxidation, pitting corrosion and fingermarks of Copper and Copper alloys.

AP 4144 is a so easy process that can be subsituted for water - based dipping lacquer without any additional application.

With AP 4144, parts to be coated can be stored at storage area till the coating date with no corrosion concern. When it is on demand of coating, passsivation layer at the surface can be removed easily by an alkaline soak or electrolytic cleaner.

Passivation layer at the surface of the articles due to AP 4144 does not affect the paintability and solderability in a negative way. In contrast, the surfaces which were applied with this product are determined with having enormous increase of surface adhesion capability in lacquer and enamel applications.

AP 4144 when is used in last water rinse provides freshly plated copper and brass appearance for weeks. The surface created with AP 4144 is totally transparent and so much more corrosion resistance than copper and brass which had no preservative treatment. Any copper and brass with no preservative treatment start corrosion within one hour, the parts treated with AP 4144 have 200 hours of resistance against humidity test.

However, open area conservation is not recommended for AP 4144. The main aim of AP 4144 is against to corrosion and oxidation of copper and brass products while storing.

Since AP 4144 does not contain Cr VI in no way, it is so sensitive process for environment and human health.